From 2008 to 2015, Beat Australia collaborated closely with Narita International Airport to develop a customized language program tailored specifically to the needs of its Ramp Control staff in the aviation industry.

Initially, the program covered a wide array of aviation language topics, with a primary focus on vocabulary enhancement and functional language skills.

As the program evolved, Beat Australia refined it to provide Ramp Controllers with a specialized language learning curriculum tailored to their specific job requirements at Japan's premier international airport.

Structured to reinforce dominant language functions in Pilot-Controller dialogue, the program also incorporated online coursework through the Flight Deck* platform, enabling Ramp Controllers to further practice and enhance their language proficiency in a convenient and accessible manner.

*The Flight Deck Program is supplied by Compass Aviation English Academy (CAEA), a sister institution to Beat Australia.

Narita International Airport

Air Traffic Control Association - Japan

In 2016, Beat Australia was granted the exclusive rights to provide linguistic expertise to the Air Traffic Control Association Japan (ATCAJ). As the designated linguistic expert, Beat Australia plays a pivotal role in testing the members of the Japan Self Defence Forces hailing from various units responsible for the movement and control of self defence force aircraft. This prestigious appointment underscores our commitment to delivering exceptional outcomes for all stakeholders involved in this significant project.

ATCA-J is dedicated to advancing air traffic development through comprehensive research and studies on air traffic control systems domestically and internationally. To fulfill its mission, ATCA-J engages in a range of activities including research and studies, fostering international collaborations, providing ICAO Language Proficiency Requirement testing services, and publishing informative materials. Beat Australia is honored to contribute its expertise to ATCA-J's endeavors and looks forward to a fruitful partnership in advancing air traffic control excellence.