The Beat Australia Group

Established in 2007, Beat Australia began providing educational consultancy services to several Japanese government organisations in the areas of international aviation education, English language services and English language testing.

Professionals in the areas of English language evaluation and testing as well as trusted experts in the area of ICAO proficiency language training.

Beat Australia provides exclusive Aviation language training, testing and teaching programs for Narita International Airport Ramp Controllers and Air Traffic Control Association Japan based in Haneda.

Beat Australia provides;

ICAO structured Aviation English Language training programs and testing services. 

Consultancy services to international education institutions throughout Asia.

Assessment and advice of potential partnerships between international and Asian institutions.

Articulation arrangements between international and Asian institutions.

English language teacher training programs and workshops for local teachers of English.

Institute representation and services at education workshops and seminars throughout the region.

About the Founder

After arriving in Japan on a Working Holiday visa during the sakura season of 1986, Peter has worked a number of fulltime and casual teaching positions, predominantly with independent schools throughout Japan.

After reaching managerial positions within the English language industry in 1997 the call of home (Australia) was too loud and he moved to Brisbane where he took up the position of Marketing Manager at the Queensland College of English.

After two enjoyable years at QCA Peter moved to the Griffith English Language Institute, Griffith University in 2000, under the then Directorship of Professor David Ingram to head up the Academic and Professional Programs Unit.

For the next eight years Peter, as Manager of the Academic and Professional Programs Unit (APP), partook in many important developments for the centre and saw it grow into one of the biggest and most respected English Language Institutes in Australia.

In 2004 the Griffith English Language Institute and the Faculty of Aviation headed by Associate Professor Paul Bates undertook its biggest challenge in developing the the Griffith Aviation English (GAE & GAE Plus) programs in response to the ICAO English language proficiency levels to be introduced in 2007.

For the following 3-years the Griffith English Language Institute developed a world class language program for professionals in the fields of Aviation. In addition the Griffith University Aviation testing system was accredited within the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia (CASA) as one of only three authorized tests to maintain standards for the ICAO language proficiencies in Australia.

Once the Griffith courses and testing system were finally established, now married to a Japanese national with a small daughter, Peter moved his family back to Osaka where he established Beat Australia whilst continuing to hold the position of Project Manager – East Asia for the Griffith English Language Institute.

Shortly after the establishment of Beat Australia in 2008 Peter took the position of language teacher for the newly established Japan School of Aviation in Rinku Town Osaka teaching new Aeronautical Engineers and Air Traffic Controllers. At the same time Peter was contracted to create and implement a language program for the Ramp Controllers of Narita International Airport (NAA).


2007 ~  2017