How do I study Aviation English?

Currently there are three courses contained in the Flight Deck program which is presented by Compass Aviation English Academy.

-1- Join Flight Deck Basic for free!

Flight Deck (Basic) is a free of charge program which provides the aviation student the key vocabulary and grammatical structures used during aviation training and post training environments.

Course Outline

It is specifically designed in 5-modules to develop the technical language skills necessary to interact in English with training manuals, CBT, flight instructors and ATC.

Flight Deck Basic is the introductory Flight Deck program first leads into Flight Deck Advanced and then Flight Deck Pro.

All 3 programs combined equal 55 Modules, with 275 Units containing over 2,000 Language Tasks covering a complete range of Aviation English topics.

There are NO contracts locking the student into high course fees and no hidden extras.

Course Requirements

Access to high broadband internet.

A Windows based PC or Apple computer with built in video camera or an attached video link.

A Windows based PC or Apple computer system with an operating system from 2012.

Suitable headphones (with mic) if the computer does not have built in options.

A FaceTime, Google Hangout or Skype internet handle. Whichever best suits you!

-2- In-House company programs

These programs are are conducted over any length of time, at a company preferred location, in any major city around the world and include access to the Flight Deck program.

Beat Australia and the client will work together to provide their employees the best possible program, provided in the the companies premisis.

-3- Classroom programs

These classes are delivered in Osaka by qualified Beat Australia teachers, in a classroom setting, through our relationship with Beat Eikaiwa.