ATCA-J aims to contribute air traffic development through comprehensive research and study on air traffic control systems at home and abroad, and through promotion of international cooperation with other countries on air traffic services.

ATCA-J engages in the following activities to accomplish its purpose:

-1- Research and Studies

-2- International cooperation

-3- ICAO Language Proficiency Requirement testing services

-4- Publications

In 2016 Beat Australia have the approved rights to provide the Linguistic Expert to the Air Traffic Control Association Japan (ATCAJ).

As the linguistic expert to ATCAJ Beat Australia will be providing assistance in the testing of 700 members of the Japan Self Defence Forces.

These Japan Self Defence Force members will be drawn from all areas of the self defence forces who deal with the movement and control of self defence force aircraft.

Beat Australia is proud to be chosen in this very important and prestigous position and will ensure that we bring the best possible outcomes for all involved in this project.

ICAO Testing for the Japan Self Defence Forces

2010 ~ 2011

2011 ~ 2012

2012 ~ 2013

2013 ~ 2014

2014 ~ 2015

Air Traffic Control Association - Japan (ATCA-J)

ICAO Proficiency Rating Scales