Compass Aviation English Academy (CAEA)

Comapass Aviation English Academy is a fully owned subsidery of Beat Australia which is an international education consultancy specialising in English language programs and in particular English for Aviation Professionals.

Compass provides online and face to face English language courses called Flight Deck, The Flight Deck courses are for aviation professionals to help improve their English language communication for the ICAO level 4 proficiency.

There are 3 independeant programs contained within Flight Deck. Basic, Advanced and Pro.

Flight Deck (Basic) is a free of charge program which provides the aviation student the key vocabulary and grammatical structures used during aviation training and post training environments.

It is specifically designed in 5-modules to develop the technical language skills necessary to interact in English with training manuals, CBT, flight instructors and ATC.

Flight Deck Basic is the introductory Flight Deck program first leads into Flight Deck Advanced and then Flight Deck Pro.

All 3 programs combined equal 55 Modules, with 275 Units containing over 2,000 Language Tasks covering a complete range of Aviation English topics.


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the Flight Deck courses.


Basic is a free online

course designed to help

with your English development.


As the next step in your

language development,

Advanced gets you there.


Pro is the final step in the

path to make sure your

English is at ICAO L4.

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Compass Aviation English Academy and its domain is a wholly owned subsiderary of Beat Australia and any information is fully under copyright laws.