ICAO Proficiency Levels

It is widely accepted that pilots and air traffic controllers from Non English Speaking Backgrounds (NESBs) have adequate knowledge, production and understanding of radio phraseology in routine situations.

However in non- routine, emergency situations, standard phraseology does not suffice and plain English is often reverted to.

So it is in these situations where the secure use of a common language can be crucial to surviving an emergency and reaching a safe outcome.

To do this ICAO has introduced a minimum language proficiency requirement for all Pilots, Air Traffic Controllers and Ramp Controllers of level 4.

ICAO Rating Scale

Pre-Elementary   (1)

Elementary   (2)

Pre-Operational   (3)

Operational   (4)

Extended   (5)

Expert   (6)

Linguistic Performance







ICAO Proficiency Levels and Linguistic Performances

Do you know your ICAO proficiency scale?

Placement Testing: This is your first step in assessing your language skills and deciding which training program is best for you.

Results from placement tests can be used to evaluate and establish goals for pilots, air traffic controllers and all other aviation professionals.

So why not try a Free placement test with Beat Australia. Go to our [Trial Placement Test] page for more information.