-1- Length and Dates of Contract

Start and finish terms of this contract are to be considered.

-2- Work Schedules and Remuneration

The Office Manager will be required to attend the school for up to 38 hours per week, on any days between Monday and Saturday.

Monthly salary of 180,000 yen will be paid on the last business day of each month.

-3- Office Hours and Other Duties

In addition to class teaching days, the employee is responsible for attending open study sessions, school parties and events and keeping office hours on non-class teaching days.

Office duties and office cleaning are to be performed during these hours.

-4- Japanese Government Taxes

All relevant Japanese taxes will be deducted from the the Employees monthly salary by the Company and paid to the Japanese government in accordance with Japanese  law.

-5- Overtime

Overtime shall be paid at the rate of 1,250 yen per hour for every hour worked over 38 hours per week.

-6- Bonuses

A yearly bonus will be paid at the end of the month of December.

-7- Raises

Raises are offered to employees who successfully complete a minimum 1 year working contract. Remuneration is 5% of gross salary and to be determined by an end of year review.

-8- Vacation

Employees will receive 3 set weeks paid vacation. 1 week in May (Golden Week), 1 week in August (Obon) and 1 week during Christmas / New Year in addition to 10 national public holidays. See Company Yearly Schedule for exact dates.

-9- Training

Employees without former school administrative experience will complete two weeks of training in order to familiarise themselves with company and itsmethods.

The Employee will receive 1,250 yen per hour for all hours attended.

Upon the successful completion of the training period, the employee will be remunerated as a full time Office Manager as stated in section 2.

-10- Accommodation

Their is no accommodation provided for this position.

-11- Transportation

Employees will be reimbursed for daily transportation costs to and from their residence.

For any and all dispatch classes, or for any other work-related duties outside of the company, the company shall reimburse the employee for the transportation costs at months end.

Transportation reimbursement is strictly limited to public transportation of trains and buses.

-12- Health Insurance Fees

Employer agrees to pay premiums in full on employees behalf.

-14- Contract Cancellation

Refusal to follow company policy as written in the Company Policy Handbook in force on the date of signing of this contract will be just cause for contract termination. Upon termination by employer Employee is entitled to payment for all days worked before the termination of said contract.

Both employer and employee agree to providing 1 months written notice of intent to terminate contract prematurely. Both employer and employee will both try to resolve any disagreement with all sincerity.

School Office Manager